28 November 2012

....but a single step

All journeys begin with a step, and all blogs begin with a single post. So, let's start this off right:


     My name is Jesse Byron. To begin with, I suppose I should give an explanation of the title because it may seem odd to some. "Publica" is the Latin form of the word "public." Autopsychographia (aw-TOW-sigh-CO-graph-ee-uh) is one of my own invention. In truth, it is simply a fancy way of saying 'journal' or 'diary.' So welcome to my public diary! I read on blog (Writing Forward by Melissa Donavon. It's wonderful.) that to be a great writer, you need write nearly daily. Not only do I wish to be a great writer, I also want to communicate with people. With those truths in mind, a blog seemed the natural and logical choice.
     What exactly will I be blogging about? I will not be following any particular theme or current. One day it might be some of my poetry, the next a movie/book review. Or an essay. Or an anecdote. Or a short story. It could be a deep, philosophical notion or a whimsical and meaningless fancy (we can't be serious all the time, can we?). It quite literally could be anything at all.
     Hmm, I guess I should include some details as to who and what I am exactly. Most importantly, I am a Christian. That truth shapes everything else. Most basically, I am junior attending Faith Academy in Mobile, Alabama. Infact, I'm making this post while sitting in my dual enrollment class. I have many, many interests. Writing, reading, thinking, breathing, learning, and many other various things. I'm also an thespian participating in my school's drama department. Acting is one of the greatest activities known to man. I'm also a bit of geek. I'm sure I could share other details of my life, but I don't wish to drone. Many things you'll simply learn from reading my posts, and if your curious then do not hesitate to make an inquiry.
     So, once again I welcome you. Step on this path with me, and we can journey together. Propose, ask a question, challenge a statement! Give input, invite friends, the more the merrier!

Until next time (however short or long),
Jesse Byron,
fellow human