30 March 2013

Turning Eighteen

     By the time I finally finish and post this, Monday, April's Fools, will have passed, and I will have already turned eighteen. It's a big deal for me. That in itself is highly unusual. Normally my birthday comes, and I can't be made to care any less. This year is much different. There is a lot that goes along with becoming eighteen. I've learned a lot; yet I still have so much more to learn. I've come so far; yet I still have so much farther to go. I've done so much; yet I still have so much more to do.
     So the questions are "What do a I learn?", "Where do I go?" and "What do I do?" Then those questions can be split and made into so many more. How much time do I really have left to answer any of them? I'm concerned which is odd for me. I'm usually not concern for anything. I go through life with much of the blase sort of the attitude. Yet now, I don't think that attitude will work anymore.
     I stand before an expanse; seemingly void yet full of so much. Is literally seething and swarming with opportunity. And I prepare the sale these uncharted waters? The truth is quite simple. I don't know.

     This is what scares me.

     And yet, at the same time I'm strangely exaggerated I would like for me. I have closed the door to one adventure merely to openvthe gates for another one. I sit, posed jump out of this plane into the unkown. My heart equally trembles with apphrension and a most singular thrill of excitement.

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