31 December 2012

Ends and Begginnings

     Hey! How's it been? It's been quite a while! Was your holiday good? I'm sorry it has been so long since my last and second post. School got crazy, and I have been enjoying a beautifully lazy holiday. But now, the time has come to pick this up and actually make it work.
     As you've probably guessed by the title, this does have a connection to the fact that it's New Year's Eve! Personally, 2012 has been a rather interesting year for me. There's been good and bad, joy and heartbreak. A lot of memories have been made, both to be cherished happily and to stop and make me ponder.
     Even as this chapter comes to a close, another is soon to be cracked open. So, I figured it was appropriate to do something I have never done before: make a list of resolutions! Now, a lot of these lists get a bad rap because many are never fulfilled. I say nay-nay! We the people have more strength and will-power than we the people give ourselves credit for. yes, it's hard. Yes, it'll be a fight, but resolutions (or dreams in general) not worth fight for are hardly true resolutions to begin with, don't you think?
     So, without further ado, I'm going to give this a shot:

"Jesse's Resolutions"(and explanations)

  1. Grow in Faith and Spirit. (One is never close enough to God.)
  2. Write something meaningful every day. (This is part of my on-going Quest to conquer the English language and become a great writer. I picked up this particular piece of advice from Melissa Donovan at Writing Forward.)
  3. Deepen my friendships. (In this crazy world of texting and social media, we're beginning to lose sight of people and maintain true relationships. I want to actually grow close to people and form bonds. I want friends I can count on.)
  4. To be an example. (Through whatever reason and circumstances, some of the people around me have begun to look up to me. As I cannot change that, I must learn to be true, godly young man/leader.)
  5. Never get too serious. (This I'm already pretty good at, but it does good to remind you and myself.)
  6. Read a whole lot more. (This is also part of my Quest, and it's also simply for enjoyment. I didn't do it nearly enough this past year.)
  7. Be smarter with my work in school. (This should be self-explanatory.)
  8. Start to plan out post-high school life plan. (Ibid.)
  9. Fan even harder over Doctor Who. (Never enough Who.)
Well, that's all for me for now. I encourage to to come up with your own list. While your at it, share it on here and other places for accountability's sake. Remember, we are the people.

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