09 February 2013

Personal Poetry Corner!: "Night's Embrace"

     So much for making this nearly daily. I haven't posted in over a month. My apologies friends!

     I am finally making a post that's been an idea bouncing around in my cranium for awhile. As I have mentioned before, I dabble in that secretive and misunderstood and arcane art called writing (Please don't kill me by burning me at a stake. That's so 15th century.) I am going to post a poem and we're going to discuss it.

I call it "Night's Embrace:"

It's in Night's Embrace
These thoughts, come out to play
In the depths of a tired mind
When Reality seems starkest-
And all the world sleeps.
It's when I stare, into the Shadows
And it is there, that I ponder.

     So? What do you think? If you have any commentary, please give it (Post a comment for once!). I always welcome smart advice and direction. 

     Now, about the poem. I guess a good place to start to would be what this poem arose from. I was up really late one night, most likely a school night (the memo it's saved on on my phone says Nov. 6 2012, but I'm not sure I wrote it directly on my phone), because I was completely unable to sleep. Sound familiar to any? Anyways, the thing about staying up late on school nights is that things get.... different. I guess when everyone is calm or asleep it is almost as if the world comes in to a different focus; a sharper contrast, so to speak. Perhaps it is just me. I just get to the point where all other worldly and mundane affairs come to a stop around midnight so all that mental energy and focus has to go somewhere. I guess it goes inward.

    That's it for now folks! I hope I have been able to add a little bit of thoughtfulness to your day! Once again, please feel free to leave comments about the post and the poem. 

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